the reading nook: edition #1

Hello my dears!

I hope you are all enjoying your weekends! I had the day off yesterday and spent it starting to pack a bunch of stuff up. I can’t believe I move in 3 weeks! Seems a little unreal really. It was funny going through all my stuff- you never realize how much you have until you have to pack it all. Even the sheer volume of my cookbook collection astonished me! I’ll have to take photos of it when it’s all moved because it’s pretty impressive.

Today is back to work, but I’m sure many of you have today to rest and relax so I thought it would be a perfect time to provide some weekend reading for you all. You guys seemed to like when I shared a couple videos in this post so why not make it a regular thing? I’m going to call this series “The Reading Nook”, very fitting no? While it might not always be articles- sometimes maybe videos, films, books, images, etc., but all things I’ll think are worth checking out! I’ll aim to do it every week or every other week. I spend a lot of time reading so I figured I could share some of it with you guys!

So today I have 4 fun links for you all. Hope you enjoy them, and please let me know what you think about this new series of mine! I’ll probably keep doing it no matter what though, just sayin’ ;)


This article at Elephant Journal “100 Ways to Have a Better Day” is full of tiny ways you can take a step to be happier and healthier each and every single day. From rubbing coconut oil on your skin and flossing to telling someone else they are beautiful and making lists of all your favourite things, this is article is jam packed with great reminders that it’s the little things in life.


This article over at Planet Green, appropriately named, “Nature Blows My Mind” and seriously guys, is anything cooler than the crazy ways underwater creatures evolved to look? Check out these sea slugs! They are crazy colourful and actually quite beautiful. So not deserving of the name “slug”.



This article over at natural news discusses the question, “Are onion's healthier than many superfruits?”. I’ll let you guys read the article yourself, but turns out this budget-friendly ingredient makes eating healthy a lot easier!

Have you guys ever watched The Vegan Zombie videos? Oh man they are hilarious! It’s a vegan cooking show set in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. I have actually made a version of the recipe in this video and it’s pretty freaking delicious. While the recipes aren't always totally healthy or made from whole foods, it totally makes me laugh. Plus, we need more vegan cooking shows out there, healthy or not! These guys are definitely good for wasting a few hours in YouTube land.

That’s it for me today! Before I go just a friendly reminder to check out this week’s Healthy Vegan Friday and submit a recipe if you’re a blogger or just browse the many recipes that have already been submitted. It’s another delicious week guys, trust me.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends and I’ll be back tomorrow with a recipe!

16 thoughts on “the reading nook: edition #1

  1. I love this idea! I love the name too, it’s so cute :) I really love the 100 Ways to Have A Great Day article. It is so true, sometimes the smallest thing can turn a day around :) Haha a vagan cooking show during the zombie apocalypse, I love it!!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. I’m making some raw onion bread today in my dehydrator – Yum! I know the healing power of onions and love them. I’ve never seen the vegan zombie videos so I’ll have to check out. Like your idea of the Reading Nook series. Have a great rest of your week. XO

    • Raw onion bread sounds delicious! I need to make me some of that! I love how some of the most inexpensive foods are so healthy!

      Definitely check out Vegan Zombie. He’s good for a laugh :)

      Thanks so much! It’ll be a regular thing, I’m actually really looking forward to writing more of them!

  3. What a great post! Thanks for the weekend reading. I love articles like that …100 ways to have a great day…or 50 ways to have fun…stuff like that. And that photo of the sea “creature??” (lol) is so beautiful. Sea life is so amazing and beautiful! I hope work goes by quickly!

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