healthy vegan friday # 8!

Happy Friday my plant-based friends! I’m really excited about Healthy Vegan Friday this week. This week has been crazy busy for me (in a good way!) but I can’t wait to slow down and take a look at all the plant-based treats you guys have in store for us this week!


For those of you who don’t know, Healthy Vegan Fridays is a new weekly blog hop hosted by myself, Shelby @ Everyday Vegan Girl and Carrie @ Carrie on Vegan. It is a place to share your healthy vegan recipes that make use of whole ingredients and minimize the use of processed and refined foods. The recipes shared on this link up are intended to emphasis the beauty, creativity and benefits of a healthy, plant-based diet!

Last week was another awesome party, thanks so much guys! Here’s the recap:

Most Popular Submissions

My lovely co-hostess Carrie had the second most popular submission with here Peanut Banana Soft-Serve (you’re awesome hun!), but here’s the most popular reader submissions…

The Milk Project: My Review of 15 Non-Dairy Milks by Ashley @ Ashley's Green Life

Looking to make the switch to plant-based milk or want to try something new? Ashley’s got the low-down for you!


Quinoa Flatbread by Rachel @ Almonds and Avocado

You guys sure love you crusts/flatbreads! And with recipes like this, it’s not hard to see why.

This Almond Milk Smoothie has a neutral taste so perfect for picky eaters

My Green Thickie Challenge by Katherine @ Green Thickies

You guys also really love green drinks! Congrats Katherine, this is your 3rd week straight in the top 3!

My Top Picks

Favourite Main Event: Tomato and Mustard Seed Rice with Roasted Zucchini and Artichoke Hearts by Beard & Bonnet

Look how beautiful this is! Almost too pretty to eat! Almost…


Favourite Sensible Snack: His and Hers Pumpkin Muffins by Holley @ versatilevegan

I loooove pumpkin and can’t wait for my pumpkin obsession to become legit! Muffins are one of my favourite things to pumpkin-ize ;)

Favourite Indulgence: Raw Chocolate Macaroons by Tessa @ Tessa the Domestic Diva

Chocolate and coconut, do you even have to ask?

Now it’s time for Healthy Vegan Friday #8!

My submission for the week:


Raw Taco for One!

This is a lovely, quick raw lunch that tastes just like the cooked version! It’s packed full of healthy fats and has real staying power.

So, if you have a healthy vegan recipe (or 2) to share, please add it to the list below! If not, feel free to browse the submissions and get inspired! You can also check out our Pinterest Board and feel free to tweet about it using the hashtag #VeganFridays. Feel free to grab our button (code is on the sidebar) to help promote this even and show your vegan pride.

You don’t have to be vegan to submit, just needs to be a vegan recipe. So share that creativity of yours!

Thanks, and have a great weekend :)

Submission Guidelines

  • Maximum of 2 submissions per week

  • You do not have to be a vegan food blogger to link up, but all recipes must be 100% vegan.

  • All recipe submissions should focus on the most whole, unprocessed and unrefined ingredients as much as possible, although we will still accept recipes that make use of some processed/refined ingredients.

  • You may submit current or past recipes, just make sure they are not ones that you have shared previously on this blog hop.

  • Besides recipes, feel free to submit informative posts that are aimed at promoting vegan, plant-based diets.

  • You must provide a link back to this blog party on your submitted post. You can either grab our badge to display or a clickable link back somewhere on the post you are submitting.

  • When linking up, please make sure to link back to the post you are submitting, not the homepage of your blog

Legal Disclaimer

By linking up to Healthy Vegan Fridays, you guarantee that the pictures and posts are your own and not that of someone else. You also agree to give permission to all hostesses (Shelby, Gabby and Carrie) to make use of your pictures and posts on our own Healthy Vegan Friday posts, as well as giving us permission to re-post them on Pinterest, Twitter and/or Facebook.

27 thoughts on “healthy vegan friday # 8!

  1. Love your taco wrap Gabby! Ive been enjoying raw taco salads lately. So delish and flavorful.
    This week Im sharing the raw veggie burgers and coconut lucuma chocolate swirl cheesecake mousse. Have a great weekend !

  2. Yay, Happy Healthy Vegan Friday! :) All of these submissions look great, no wonder they were most popular and chosen to be featured! Your raw taco looks so perfect!! I’ve been wanting to get back to eating more raw food but my Dr. told me not to change my current diet until I get through some testing. Wah! I’ll just have to bookmark these beauties for later!

    I definitely am going to submit at some point this weekend, just need to settle down from a rough week. I’m hoping to make a nice comforting bowl of soup to share tomorrow!

    Can’t wait to go through all of these recipes! And thanks for hosting :)

  3. Wow, I’m so flattered that I had another popular entry to Healthy Vegan Fridays. I’ve posted an official invitation to start the challenge now, but I’ll share that next week. This week I’ve shared your favourite gingerbread smoothie and a post on adding quinoa to smoothies. Quinoa is another great healthy carb which will help you make a meal out of your smoothies.
    That raw taco looks great. I also love the idea of quinoa flatbread!

    Thanks so much for hosting.

  4. Hey Gabby! I feel you’re pain…it’s been one crazy busy week for me too! Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend. Thanks again for sharing my “Milk Project” post, it’s nice to find an audience who appreciates a post like that, most people would just say, “It’s easy, just drink cow’s milk!” But we all know better right?! ( :

    This week I’m sharing a recipe for “Tofu Mushroom Stroganoff” a favorite meal in our house!

    Thanks again for hosting!

    • Your review of all the milks was awesome and so helpful- I’m sure lot’s of people who are starting out with plant-milks will mfind it super helpful! And yes, I would rather drink any plant based  milk, even some of the not-so-tasty ones that drink cow’s milk!

      Looks so delicious Ashley! I love a good stroganoff recipe :)

      Have a great weekend yourself!

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