the reading nook edition #4

happy sunday everyone!

i hope all my american friends are having lovely thanksgiving weekend full of relaxing, good food and loved ones. now that this weekend us upon us, i feel completely legit listening to christmas music and watching christmas movies. not that this hasn’t been happening already, but now i can blast the michael buble christmas album and watch rudolph without hiding ;) 

it’s been a while since i’ve done a reading nook post! so since a lot of you are in the midst of a long weekend, i thought it would be a good opportunity to provide some things for your perusing.

first, i want to recommend this amazing book, fats that heal fats that kill by udo erasmus. this was one of my textbooks and i honestly cannot describe how much useful information is packed into it! any and every question you’ve ever had about dietary fats and oils is answered. it’s such a great resource, i urge you all to pick up a copy! and yes, it is the same udo as the oil :)

i found this on pinterest and i thought it was just the most lovely quote! great reminder to be present and grateful each and every day!

love this idea of reusing jars to make beautiful snow globes! can’t wait to try this out!

short but sweet article on exercising when your sick– when do you and when don’t you?

ayurvedic thanksgiving survival guide. i know we have passed this holiday already, but this article has great pointers that can be used for this entire holiday season. let’s all stay healthy and energized so we can really enjoy the season :)

finally, highlighting an amazing looking recipe by the lovely lauren at oatmeal with a fork! this no-bread oatmeal french toast sounds just amazing, cannot wait to try it!

how was everyone’s thanksgiving? favourite dish you ate?

taking it to a vote: would you like the next recipe i post to be either my sugar-free carob almond butter cups or my split pea soup with rutabaga croutons?

enjoy the rest of your weekends!

22 thoughts on “the reading nook edition #4

  1. Awww that quote made me smile from the inside out- i totally pinned the snowglobes too and can’t wait to try them out :)

    Christmas music will be playing this weekend! ….and oh my word that oatmeal french toast looks so good!

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning me here Gabby. I always feel my face go red when I see something of mine show up somewhere, but it also makes my day! You’re an awesome blog friend, and I’m happy to be associated with you! :-)

  3. I’m voting for Carob almond butter cups!! The sound too yummy to pass up.
    That oatmeal french toast is drool worthy, I’ve got to give it a go too. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. OMG the Winnie the Pooh quote and illustration are so gorgeous. It definitely made me smile :) The book about fats sounds really interesting, I have a feeling I’d find most of your textbooks interesting! I’ve heard that tip about exercising while sick before and I’ve actually put it to use! I definitely trained with a nasty head cold and I survived, haha!

    I’ll have to go for the carob almond butter cups. Because they are carob almond butter cups. ;)

    • Aren’t they? What is it about that wonderful bear?

      I needed to read that thing about exercising. Sometimes I use not feeling well as an excuse to avoid even though I know it might actually make me feel better. Well now I’ll have NO excuses ;)

      Good choice :)

  5. Oh that book looks really good, I’ll have to check it out. We didn’t have to read that one for school.
    My husband and I recently moved to the states from Southwestern Ontario and this was our first American Thanksgiving. We actually celebrated the Canadian one with some other Canadian transplants, but I did make small little meal. His favourite thing is cranberries =)

    Oh and my vote is totally the sugar-free carob almond butter cups. They sound pretty awesome!

    • Definitely check it out- there’s so much good information packed in it. 

      I love cranberries too, but funnily enough, not cranberry sauce! Glad you enjoyed Canadian Thanksgiving and that’s nice that you still made a little something for the Amercian one :)

  6. Thanks for sharing these. I absolutely love that Winnie the Pooh quote- wise words :) And I’m definitely going to take some of the Ayurvedic tips for Christmas. I’m in England so wasn’t celebrating Thanksgiving but have enjoyed reading about everyone else’s celebrations.

    Both upcoming recipes sound fabulous but dessert always wins in my book!

  7. Hi, Gabby! I vote for the pea soup recipe, as I prefer savory over sweet most of the time. My thanksgiving day was great, thank you… the best dish we had was Robin Robertson’s Seitan Roast with Chestnut and Cranberry Stuffing, from Vegan Planet.

    I’m fairly new as a follower of your blog, and I enjoy it very much. Keep up the good work!

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