chocolate-covered strawberry chia seed pudding

There must be something in the air- this is my second “chocolate-covered” recipe since the year began!

But just because it’s chocolate-covered, does not mean it’s not healthy and doesn’t mean it can’t help you with your healthy eating goals!

That’s because this recipe is packed full of fiber and anti-oxidants, includes 2 superfoods, some fruit and is very low in overall sugar!


Yes my friends, it’s a chocolate-covered strawberry chia seed pudding. BAM.

I don’t know about all of you, but I fondly remember chocolate-covered strawberries as a special treat when I was younger. They were great because they tasted absolutely decadent, but hey, you were eating fruit so it had to be healthy! While I m totally in agreement that as far as desserts go, chocolate-covered strawberries are not the worst thing you could eat. BUT the chocolate that is often used will contain refined sugar and depending on the chocolate, might contain loads of preservatives and other chemicals, especially if it’s a chocolate sauce.


So I decided to try and healthify this dessert. And of course I turned to one of my most favourite ingredients- chia seeds. By turning this into a chia seed pudding, I packed it full of fiber and healthy omega-3 fats meaning it will keep you feeling full and will help decrease inflammation in the body!

That’s not the only superfood found in there though! Cacao powder is a superstar- full of powerful anti-oxidants to help combat all the toxins we face on a daily basis. Plus it’s packed full of important minerals like magnesium, which is super important for energy, sulfur which helps promote healthy, glowing skin and others like calcium, manganese, potassium and iron! And let’s not forget it’s mood enhancing properties- it helps to boost serotonin in your body making us feel great!

Strawberries also offer some wicked nutrition- loaded with vitamin C, manganese, fiber and folate to name a few.

It also tastes amazing! It actually tastes exactly like biting into a chocolate-covered strawberry! I love when healthy, delicious and decadent are all found in the same dish :)


I can’t believe there was a time when I disliked chia puddings…

Delicious, healthful and decadent, this makes a great breakfast, dessert or snack! This really is  a multi-tasking treat!

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Chia Seed Pudding (Vegan, Gluten-free, Sugar-free, Raw)

Ingredients (1 bowl)

  • 1/2 cup nondairy milk (homemade for raw)
  • 1 tbsp cacao powder
  • 1/2 tbsp coconut nectar (or maple syrup, but won't be truly raw)
  • 4 hulled ripe strawberries
  • 2 tbsp chia seeds


Blend the first 4 ingredients until smooth. Move to a bowl and stir in the chia seeds. Let sit for at least 20 minutes or overnight in the fridge to allow the chia seeds to gel and create a pudding like consistency.

I hope you enjoy this delicious treat! See you all on Friday!

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65 thoughts on “chocolate-covered strawberry chia seed pudding

  1. Could these be frozen? My daughter’s teacher is requesting that I bring treats to store in freezer or cupboard for those special occasions they have.

  2. Could this be frozen? My daughter’s teacher is asking for treats to store in the freezer or cupboards for her to have on special occasions. Thanks!

  3. Hi Gabby! I love the Veggie Nook! Thanks for the Chia Seed Pudding recipe, it looks absolutely delightful. I’ve actually had one of my own that I came up with a while ago and keep meaning to try it. I might make yours first though before I’m game enough to make mine ;)

    Here’s another insanely yummy raw, vegan dessert recipe if you’re ever interested:

    Macadamia and Raspberry slice –

    Let me know what you think :) Thanks again!

  4. Hi Gabby,

    This recipe is so fun! I love how simple, yet nutritious it is. I know my kids would LOVE this for breakfast (I will use carob instead of chocolate though). Another great recipe my friend. Featuring this evening on AFW. :-)


  5. What a dreamy little dessert! I love chocolate covered strawberries, but I haven’t had them in ages because Chris doesn’t care for them. I think I need to make a few just for myself sometime soon!

  6. Chocolate covered strawberries are one of my favorite treats. Chocolate and strawberries are such a great combination, I love it! This is a perfect recipe to healthify the combo. It sounds delicious and filling and like a perfect, healthy sweet treat. Great recipe!

  7. Hi Gabby,
    this looks mouth-watering. I have to admit that chia seeds I am still trying to get used to, but maybe you just showed me a way that I will end up loving them. Once I get my hands on some cacao powder (limited kitchen with a traveling life-style) I will try these.
    Also, unsure if you remember me from the Dudette blog – I’ve closed that sometimes last year, but I’ve been lurking ever since. Just love your blog, it evolved so much, it is crazy amazing! And the vegan fridays are so fun! Love reading them. Anyways, here is my new blogging attempt – with my real name this time, haha.

  8. I can NOT wait to get me some Chia Seeds! I’ve been wanting to get some and now I MUST! This looks SO delicious and it’s healthy!! :)

  9. As a kid, I’d often splurge on the chocolate covered strawberries at the Christmas Markets I’d go to with my mum, always forgetting that despite how pretty they were, I hated the combination of dark chocolate and squidgy sloppy strawberry sweetness.

    Weird thing is, I’d be all over this if it was, say, carob instead of cocoa, or raspberries instead of strawberries. ;)

  10. This looks amazing Gabby! I’ve yet to try a chia pudding actually :) I really should as this looks healthy & refreshing too, love anything chocolate of course, and any time :)

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