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I received probably the best Valentine’s Day present EVER this year. No, it wasn’t from a boy but oh yes was it chocolate. But not just any chocolate. This was a delicious, decadent, sinful, luscious chocolate dream from Heather from the Sweetly Raw blog. For those of you who don’t know Heather Pace, you are missing out and need to head over to her blogs Sweetly Raw and Food and Yoga for Life. She is a raw vegan dessert genius, a fabulous cook and an insightful yoga guru. In short, she’s pretty amazing.

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So amazing that she sent me a super generous package full of her delicious Valentine’s Day chocolate creations. The are all completely organic, raw, vegan and gluten-free and use only the best ingredients. Once I show you the pictures, I know you’re going to want to get your hands on some of these goodies and don’t worry, you can (and should) order some for yourself or a special someone :)


Here we go…


Caramel Pecan Choccie Cluster– Pecans and caramel wrapped in rich dark chocolate


Caramel Cinnamon Nut Cluster– Pecans and cinnamon caramel wrapped in rich dark chocolate

These are both reminiscent of Turtles but much much better! The caramel is wonderfully smooth. I loved that there weren’t too sweet, but were wonderfully rich.


Chocolate Macaroon- chewy and coconutty with a beautiful chocolate center. Anything you could ever want from a macaroon!


Jumbo Almond Butter Cup– Sweet stone ground almond butter filling encase in dark chocolate, topped with crunchy almonds.

This is HUGE- a muffin sized almond butter cup with a flavour and feel 10000000x better than Reese's.


Chocolate Truffles– Silky center wrapped in rich dark chocolate, comes in 6 flavours: dark chocolate, orange, mint, coconut, cinnamon spice and banana. Wrapped in an adorable box.

These are without a doubt the most delicious truffles I have EVER had. The centers are so smooth and rich and the flavours mingle with the rich dark chocolate perfectly. I think my favourite was the orange, but it was a tough call. Definitely order a box of 12 of these, you will not be sorry!

To finish up, these were the best chocolates I have ever had! Heather is an extremely talented raw chocolatier and you can tell they are made with love and passion. I highly recommend ordering some of these for yourself, both to support the amazing work Heather is doing and to treat yourself to something really special.

Click here to order your own organic, raw, vegan chocolates from Heather!

Make sure you order by February 6th in order to ship in time for Valentine’s Day!

Thank you so much Heather for giving me the opportunity to try these! I will definitely be ordering these in the near future!

9 thoughts on “review: sweetly raw chocolates

  1. Such beautiful chocolates! You can just see all of the care and attention to detail that goes into crafting each one. That would definitely be a treat to get as a gift any time, not just for Valentine’s Day.

  2. Lucky you!! What gorgeous treats and an equally great review!! I wandered over to Heather’s blog for a little bit and can’t wait until I have the time to peruse all of the beautiful treats and recipes. I definitely want to download her e-book too! Yum!!

  3. Oh, gosh, this is the second blog raving about these!!! I wonder if she delivers to Croatia :-( I think not, it would anyways all disappear at customs as yummy they look :) Enjoy your special Valentine with all the sweet raw chocolate!

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