healthy vegan friday #32

Hello all you lovely people!

I’m so sorry I didn’t post a new recipe this week. Between my mom visiting, school work and the fact that I haven’t been feeling well didn't leave too much time for blogging. BUT I have lots of delicious recipes coming your way, so don’t give up on me yet! I will post one very soon.

In the meantime though, let’s enjoy ourselves another Healthy Vegan Friday!

We had 65 submissions last week, holy awesome Batman! You guys are seriously the best! In case you haven’t seen the post or all the awesome submissions, head on over to check it out!

For those of you who don’t know, Healthy Vegan Fridays is a weekly blog hop hosted by myself, Carrie @ Carrie on Vegan and Katherine @ Green Thickies. it is a place to share your healthy vegan recipes that make use of whole ingredients and minimize the use of processed and refined foods. The recipes shared on this link up are intended to emphasis the beauty, creativity and benefits of a healthy, plant-based diet!

Recap of last week:

Most Popular Submissions

Banoffee Pie

Banoffee Pie from Erin @ Sift, Stir & Savour

This recipe jumped out at me right from the beginning. I have always wanted to try banoffee pie after being introduced to it by friends in Ireland, but never did since vegan options were non-existent. I definitely have to try this one!

Vegan Quinoa Sushi from Devin @ Nom Yum & Free

While sushi you get in restaurants may seem like a healthy option, it’s usually white rice and has refined sugar and tons of processed ingredients and preservatives. This recipe for homemade sushi uses quinoa giving it a protein boost and other wholesome ingredients!


Nutella, Banana and Brownie Parfait from Rachel @ Almonds & Avocados

In her post, Rachel talks about eating the whole thing herself and I can’t blame her! What is it about the combination of chocolate and hazelnut that is soooo heavenly?

My Top Picks

Favourite Main Event: Santa Fe Spaghetti Squash from Kimmy @ Rock My Vegan Socks

I love spaghetti squash but it can get monotonous always using it as a “pasta” substitute. Thanks for reminding me it’s delicious in it’s own right Kimmy!

Pear & Parsley Smoothie

Favourite Nourishing Sipper: Pear and Parsley Smoothie from Anne @ An Unrefined Vegan

I’m so excited to have Anne join this blog party and just had to highlight this beautiful smoothie! I love the idea of adding parsley to save us from getting bored of our typical green smoothies and it is so pretty to boot!

Raw Vegan Strawberry Fudge Cups

Favourite Sinful but Healthful Indulgence: Raw Strawberry Fudge Cups from Heather @ Gluten-Free Cat

This looks so decadent and delicious and even uses leftover almond pulp from making almond milk. Score!

Now for Healthy Vegan Friday #32!

My Submission for the Week:


Banana, Walnut and Date Oatmeal Parfait

Toronto has been hit with some bad weather this past week which has me looking forward to spring and spring always means chilled oat parfaits for me! I love the combo of bananas, walnuts and dates and the banana “soft serve” makes it feel like dessert for breakfast! I think I’ll have to make one of these in spite of the weather!

And just a quick request- PLEASE put a LINK BACK to this blog party on the post you are linking. We want to try and spread the word about Healthy Vegan Friday and would really appreciate your help doing so!

So, if you have a healthy vegan recipe (or 2) to share, please add it to the list below! If not, feel free to browse the submissions and get inspired! You can also check out our Pinterest board and feel free to tweet about it using the hashtag #VeganFridays. Feel free to grab our button (code is on the sidebar) to help promote this even and show your vegan pride.

You don’t have to be vegan to submit, just needs to be a vegan recipe. so share that creativity of yours!

Thanks and happy Friday!

Submission Guidelines

  • maximum of 2 submissions per week

  • you do not have to be a vegan food blogger to link up, but all recipes must be 100% vegan.

  • all recipe submissions should focus on the most whole, unprocessed and unrefined ingredients as much as possible, although we will still accept recipes that make use of some processed/refined ingredients.

  • you may submit current or past recipes, just make sure they are not ones that you have shared previously on this blog hop.

  • besides recipes, feel free to submit informative posts that are aimed at promoting vegan, plant-based diets.

  • you must provide a link back to this blog party on your submitted post. You can either grab our badge to display or a clickable link back somewhere on the post you are submitting.

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8 thoughts on “healthy vegan friday #32

  1. I hope you had a nice visit with your mom!! What AMAZING looking recipes! I’m completely fixated on the banoffee pie and the nutella, banana and brownie parfait. Those look ridiculously good. Your oats look so delicious too! I love oats so much :)

    Hope you are doing well, busy bee!

  2. Hey Gabby! Good to hear you are busy and sound well & happy! I posted a vegan recipe last night and just submitted, yay! Have a great weekend :) XO

  3. Oh wow – I’m super excited that I made it into your picks =) Thank you Gabby! It totally made my week =D =D =D

    I hope you had a nice visit with your mom and showing her around.
    Your parfait looks *so* good!

  4. As always, thanks for hosting Gabby! Your parfait looks delicious. I’ll definitely have to try it! I hope you’re able to post something new this next week, as I look forward to your new recipes. Have a great weekend!

  5. I swear, the food just gets better and better for each HVF! I’m digging that hazelnut/choco thang… Yowza! Thanks for hosting, Gabby and wow! thanks for featuring my smoothie! Yippee!!

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