the reading nook: edition #5

Happy weekend everyone!

I wanted to bring back my “Reading Nook” series. I can’t believe I haven’t done one since November! The Reading Nook is all about showing you guys books, articles, recipes and just general stuff I’ve found interesting or inspiring recently. Hopefully if you are here reading this blog (and have gotten this far into the post) you have similar tastes to me and will find them interesting too!

1. The Happiness Project 

This book was so fun to read and given my current state of mind, I found it to be incredible insightful and inspirational. It’s all about making small changes to bring about an increase in happiness for yourself and those around you. I can’t wait to start implementing some of her ideas and start my own Happiness Project.

2. A Smart Woman’s Guide to Hormones

This book is a fantastic resource for an woman, regardless of age who is struggling with hormonal imbalances. While the fact that I was reading this book got a lot of laughs from a few male friends (cue the PMS jokes!) but it’s seriously about so much more than that. I know I took a lot from it and this every woman should own a copy. Lorna Vanderhaeghe is an expert in her field (and Canadian!) and I seriously admire her and all her work.

3. Firming and Softened DIY Body Scrub from Pure Ella

This awesome DIY scrub comes from the lovely Ella at Pure Ella. Not only does it justify making a pot of coffee (;o)) but it has amazing health and beauty benefits, just in time for skirt and shorts weather!

I made it the other day and it smells AMAZING. Forget drinking coffee in the morning, this will perk you right up! I've also used it a couple times and my skin is so soft already!

4. Five Mental Habits that Steal Years from your Life from Natural News


A great article about why we need to kick negative thinking and thoughts in the pants! We all know worrying and self-critique gets us no where, but did you know that it contributes to chronic stress which seriously reduces your life span and risk of disease and illness? Let’s all try and replace the bad with good!

5. Find Your Yoga Style Infographic from Mind Body Green

With so many yoga styles out there, it can get confusing. This is a great infographic to help you target the classes that will help achieve your own goals and suit your mood! Click the link or picture for a larger version.

Enjoy your weekends everyone! 

20 thoughts on “the reading nook: edition #5

    • Glad you liked it too! I’m definitely going to try and incorporate a lot of her ideas into my daily life. I’ve already started cleaning up clutter at the end of every day. It’s amazing what a difference it makes when you wake up to a clean and tidy room and apartment!

    • I find I’m always reading 2 books- one fiction and one non. I like both genres but I haven’t read any fiction recently that I feel like recommending. Nothing has wowed me! For me to recommend fiction I have to get truly lost in the world :)

  1. Yay, I’m so excited you are bring back the reading nook! I love this series! I really loved The Happiness Project. I found it really inspiring and have been working on making small changes to find my Happiness. That hormone book sounds really interesting. I’ve had the thought lately that maybe my hormones are part of my problem. I’ve noticed my symptoms intensify cyclically if you know what I mean ;) lol! The yoga infographic is so interesting too! I can’t wait to explore that more!

  2. Oooh love the Happiness Project book. My mom got me to read it and I quite enjoyed it.
    Hah – funny about the hormone book, the first thing I thought was “I need to read this! I bet it has all sort of information about thyroid health and adrenals.” Right… most people think of pms, I know I probably would have a couple of years ago ;p
    I love the idea of a DIY scrub – I will check that out!
    Thanks for sharing =)

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