healthy vegan friday #55- spiced up staples: rice, chickpeas and pasta

I had so much fun sharing my Instagram photos with you guys last week, I thought I’d make it a regular Friday occurrence on the blog. This way, it will force me to catalogue my foodie and life adventures more diligently than I have been. Only 3 to share this week so I’ll strive for more next time!


Farmer’s Market finds: local strawberries, heirloom tomatoes and sugar snap peas. I will be so sad when summer produce is gone!


I love finding corners of the city like this. I must have walked by it a million times before noticing!


After a hot yoga session Feel Good Guru helped me refuel. This is their Wild n’ Spiraled Salad and Super Green Fuel smoothie. Loved this place- mostly raw, vegan and organic- can’t ask for much else!. If you are in Toronto, head on over to West Queen West and indulge! They had raw cinnamon buns that looked heavenly too- next time ;)

Now for Healthy Vegan Friday!

Welcome to this week’s Healthy Vegan Friday!

We had 47 mouth-watering submissions last week! . In case you haven’t seen the post or all the awesome submissions, head on over to check it out.

For those of you who don’t know, Healthy Vegan Fridays is a weekly blog hop hosted by myself, Carrie @ Carrie on Vegan and Katherine @ Green Thickies. it is a place to share your healthy vegan recipes that make use of whole ingredients and minimize the use of processed and refined foods. The recipes shared on this link up are intended to emphasis the beauty, creativity and benefits of a healthy, plant-based diet!

First though a recap of last week: We asked you guys to vote for your favourite posts to determine the most popular ones, so here they are!

Most Popular Submissions


Spanakorisito from The Fussiest Eater

Loads of fresh herbs, spinach and rice all cooked into a comforting dish. Sounds wonderful!

Curried Mango Chickpea Salad from Suzanne @ hello veggy

These flavours sound like a wonderful way to spice up the traditional chickpea salad wraps!

Iron Packed Pesto pasta

Iron-Packed Vegan Pesto from Suzanne @ hello veggy

Suzanna was on a roll this week! Pumpkin seeds, spinach and spirulina make this pesto pack a serious nutritional punch!

My Top Picks

Fig Mint Salad – Spiced Curiosity #vegan #vegetarian

Favourite Salad: Fig Mint Salad from Miachel @ Spiced Curiosity

This gorgeous simple salad sounds wonderfully fresh and is so simple! Plus this post is full of gorgeous photos from her trip to Barcelona. Makes my travel bug’s current whisper escalate into a full blown yell.

Favourite Sipper: Chocolate Superfood Shake from Heather @ Sweetly Raw

I really don’t think you can get more health or more delicious than this! PACKED with superfood goodness and it looks like a milkshake you’d get at a diner!

Favourite Main Event: Summer Veggie Skillet from Heather @ Gluten-Free Cat

Nothing sounds better in the summer than an enormous plate of veggies!

Now for Healthy Vegan Friday #55!

Don’t forget, you have to vote for your favourite recipes and can vote as many times as you like! While votes are being made, there’s definitely room for improvement so don’t forget to check back with us later in the week to check out all the recipes and vote again!

My Submission for the Week:


Sweet Potato and Lentil Salad with Coconut Curry Dressing

The perfect way to enjoy curry in the middle of summer. Same flavours, but not quite as warming in the summer heat.

Remember: the most popular submissions must be voted for! So get voting and vote for as many as you’d like!

And just a quick request- PLEASE put a LINK BACK to this blog party on the post you are linking. We want to try and spread the word about Healthy Vegan Friday and would really appreciate your help doing so!

So, if you have a healthy vegan recipe (or 2) to share, please add it to the list below! If not, feel free to browse the submissions and get inspired! You can also check out our Facebook page, Pinterest board and feel free to tweet about it using the hashtag #VeganFridays. Feel free to grab our button (code is on the sidebar) to help promote this even and show your vegan pride.

You don’t have to be vegan to submit, just needs to be a vegan recipe. So share that creativity of yours!

Thanks and happy Friday!

Submission Guidelines

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  • you do not have to be a vegan food blogger to link up, but all recipes must be 100% vegan.

  • all recipe submissions should focus on the most whole, unprocessed and unrefined ingredients as much as possible, although we will still accept recipes that make use of some processed/refined ingredients.

  • you may submit current or past recipes, just make sure they are not ones that you have shared previously on this blog hop.

  • besides recipes, feel free to submit informative posts that are aimed at promoting vegan, plant-based diets.

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16 thoughts on “healthy vegan friday #55- spiced up staples: rice, chickpeas and pasta

  1. Hello Lovely Ladies of HVF,

    This week I am sharing a beauty recipe. My all natural homemade facial toners! Definitely vegan (ha ha). My skin has never been better!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Mmmm look at all those great recipes =)
    Love the pictures you shared, I would enjoy you doing this weekly. Those farmer’s markets finds look so good! And that corner alley is so cool all painted!
    Your sweet potato lentil dish sounds good… reminds me of my entry for the week – great minds think alike ;p

  3. So many delicious looking things here as usual! Im sharing raw cherry amaretto ice cream today. Ooh, glad to see my choccie shake was a fave of yours – have you made chaga tea yet? Have a great weekend Gabby :)

  4. What a great post! And I am definitely putting Feel Good Guru on my list. Also hoping you’ll do a copycat of that Wild and Spiraled Salad!

    Thanks so much for sharing my veggie skillet! This week I’m sharing a simple Green Vegan Mayo. I’m all unpacked now, so hoping to get some raw vegan fun going on soon! I’ve missed it!!


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