healthy vegan friday #70 (!!!)

the weekend at last :) this week has felt so long! i haven’t been feeling my best so was essentially dragging myself through everyday. feeling better though so hopefully the weekend gets a little better (even though i’ll be working the whole time!). 

before i get into the (vegan) meat of this post, i would like to ask for your help! i participated in the virtual vegan potluck last weekend (check out my post and all the other ones here), and voting is currently taking place for the favourite dishes. if you could vote for my chocolate protein tonic recipe (under the "beverages" category) i would appreciate it :)

it’s been a while since I shared some of my instagram photos on here! i find instagram for me goes in phases- one week i post everyday, the next nothing at all. these are some of the highlights of my last couple weeks! and p.s. follow me @gabbyouimet :)

this week's theme: why i am so happy i moved to toronto.


this is one of my favourite things about living in toronto. you never know what you're going to happen upon. life size transformer making my childhood dreams come true? yes please.


this photo was taken a few minutes from my apartment in my cozy little neighbourhood. i love how everywhere you go in toronto has a different feel. i live in old town but i'm just a stones throw away from the financial district. such contrast, i love it!


i moved here to study holistic nutrition and i have gotten to totally immerse myself in that world- i have met amazing people and get to help out with plant-based cooking classes that make me so wonderfully happy- it's incredible to see people becoming empowered to take charge of their own health.


while i could go on and on about how amazng the food scene here is, what i want to talk about here is the ability to meet up with fellow bloggers and become wonderful friends with them IN PERSON. toronto has allowed me to connect with so many wonderful ladies that i wouldn't have gotten to otherwise. (special shout out to hannah who shares my love of bad diner coffee, pancakes and adventures around chinatown <3)


i rarely put pictures of myself up, but this was such a wonderful night. and it highlights another wonderful thing about moving here- new people, new friends and wonderful nights out where i completely forget what it is to worry about nutrition and being healthy. i just enjoy the moments and nurture the soul. because that is just as important sometimes. this was a going away party for one of my coworkers and it was at once an extremely happy and sad evening.


welcome to this week’s healthy vegan friday! how did we get to #70?? where does the time go people? 

we had 47 delicious submissions last week! in case you haven’t seen the post or all the awesome submissions, head on over to check it out. for those of you who don’t know, healthy vegan fridays is a weekly blog hop hosted by myself, carrie @ carrie on vegan and katherine @ green thickies. it is a place to share your healthy vegan recipes that make use of whole ingredients and minimize the use of processed and refined foods. the recipes shared on this link up are intended to emphasis the beauty, creativity and benefits of a healthy, plant-based diet!

most popular submissions

mushroom quinoa casserole from davida @ the healthy maven

mushrooms and quinoa go so well together! they add a rich earthiness that i sometimes find quinoa to be lacking. nice pairing :)

rich vegan cheesecake with a pecan shortbread crust from janet @ the taste space

this looks so much like real cheesecake it’s a little disconcerting. but in the best way because who doesn’t love cheesecake??

carrot cake for two from lauren @ oatmeal with a fork

i love this grain-free, vegan dessert for 2! perfect for when a craving hits but you don’t want to risk eating an entire cake in one sitting.

my top picks

favourite thing to snack on: cardamom sesame crackers from marianne @ rag doll kitchen

i like the flavour combination here- i’m a sucker for sweet and savoury combos so i would definitely be trying these with hummus. 

favourite warming winter dish: stuffed portobello mushrooms from dianne @ veggie girl

there's something about mushrooms that warm you form the inside out!

favourite special breakfast: light hazelnut and currant scones from micha @ blissful bites

i love the flavour of hazelnuts when tied into scones- and these are extra hazelnutty because they are made with hazelnut meal in place of some of the flour, not just chunks of hazelnut throughout!

now for healthy vegan friday #70!

my submission for the week:

red lentil and quinoa kitchari

not the most beautiful dish, but it is warming, hearty and easily digestible!

and just a quick request- PLEASE put a LINK BACK to this blog party on the post you are linking. we want to try and spread the word about healthy vegan friday and would really appreciate your help doing so! 

so, if you have a healthy vegan recipe (or 2) to share, please add it to the list below! if not, feel free to browse the submissions and get inspired! You can also check out our Facebook pagePinterest board and feel free to tweet about it using the hashtag #VeganFridays. feel free to grab our button (code is on the sidebar) to help promote this even and show your vegan pride.

you don’t have to be vegan to submit, just needs to be a vegan recipe. So share that creativity of yours!

thanks and happy friday!

submission guidelines

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▪   you do not have to be a vegan food blogger to link up, but all recipes must be 100% vegan.

▪   all recipe submissions should focus on the most whole, unprocessed and unrefined ingredients as much as possible, although we will still accept recipes that make use of some processed/refined ingredients.

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14 thoughts on “healthy vegan friday #70 (!!!)

  1. I love your photos and stories you share ;)
    I love the East end but hardly ever make it there…. I’m on the west side next town over ;) which is why we don’t make it out to your neck of the woods too often.
    But it is beautiful! ;)
    Speaking of beauty… I love all this food here ;)
    I know I’m late but I’m happily tailing along with some Crispy Sweet Potato Wedges that are also gluten-free! ;)
    xoxo Wishing you a great week!
    ~ ella

  2. I adore you, my lovely one. Special shout-out to you right back, for being one of the shiningest reasons that I, too, am so glad I moved to Toronto. I miss you and can’t wait to see you again. PS I think we should alternate diner dinners and wine nights. xoxo

  3. I LOVE it when you share pictures with us! They are always so fun =) And I’m not on instagram (only so much social media I can handle haha ;p) so I really like it when you post them here.
    I will most definitely vote for you!!! I hope you win =)
    Thanks for hosting my fav bloghop =)

  4. I am feeling very content with your delicious food links my friend thank you!


    P.S I have recently lost around 1000 subscribers and I have no idea how, so if it is not too much trouble, if you were subscribed before, could you please resubscribe? Thank you!

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