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I would love to answer any questions you may have including those about my recipes, blog or nutrition. Or if you'd just like to say hello that would be amazing too!

Please feel free to email me at:

veggienook [@] gmail [dot] com

Media kit is available on request. Please contact me regarding opportunities related to product reviews, ad space, collaborations and ambassadorships. I look forward to working with you!

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  2. Hi, I have just visited your Instagram profile of and I absolutely enjoy your photos! I think your Instagram profile should have a lot more followers and likes! Did you know that you can actually buy followers and likes on websites like ?

    Nonetheless, I just wanted to let you know that you are doing a wonderful job! Looking forward for more of your images!

    Have a great day!


  3. Hello Gabby, it seems like an age since I checked out the Veggie Nook. How its changed!!!! Your new site look gorgeous, and of course, your cooking and passion shines and sparkles. I have a lot of catching up to do! We have written a cookbook that I think you’ll like. Pure vegan, full of nutritional wonder foods, PEACE AND PARSNIPS ( Looking forward to more Veggie Nook time soon. Peace and Pickles, lee PS – You are surely the pancake queen, chocolate and blueberry (POW!)

  4. Hi Gabby, I am very inspired by your website and am trying to include more vegan options and raw food into my diet. I am curious as to what food processor /blender you use as I am looking at buying one to try out your many recipes. Do you use a combo or have you got both a blender and food processor? Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Phoebe

  5. Hi Gabby
    Just came across your site and am looking forward to trying the coconut crack sauce tonight. I work for Sol Cuisine – vegetarian food manufacturer. When you have a minute, please check out our site and let me know if there are any products you’d like to try for a review/recipe. You can send a note to
    My compliments on your blog – very well put together and too bad I’m at work or I’d spend more time browsing around!

  6. I hope you can answer this question. I am trying to cut out dairy but am really missing cheese. I see that you sometimes talk about cheeses made from something other than milk. My question is are these natural products or made of chemicals? I don’t want to remove dairy only to replace it with something artificial.


    • It really depends the type and rand! Ones that are fairly clean are Daiya, Follow Your Heart and Teese, they have a tapioca base. I avoid the other ones like the plague! The ones I mentioned are really delicious! You can also make your own “cheese” too from cashews. Just do a google search for recipes!

  7. Hi Gabby,
    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months and love it! I also love cooking and being creative with my vegan diet. I have a question regarding my current skin condition- I recently seem to have a lot more skin issues (acne/dryness) on my face and am wondering if this is due to a lack of something in my diet or perhaps and increase of soy products. I’ve been eating a lot of tofu and drinking soy milk when ordering lattes when out getting coffee. I do live in the Middle East where the air is dry and harsh, but could this be partly due to my diet?
    Thanks for the fun and creatvie blogging!!


    • It could definitely be related to diet! I know a lot of people have problems with processed soy as it’s not the most healthful option. Frankly, anything that is processed to a certain degree is bad for your health and skin! Soy milk is definitely on that list and tofu to a lesser extent but still not the best option. I would try and lower your consumption of those products and try and increase your consumption of healthy fats, particularly the essential fatty acids like hemp, flax, chia and pumpkin seeds. You might find using flax oil exclusively for a while (BUT PLEASE DON’T HEAT IT) or a supplement very helpful!

      Good luck :)

    • Hi Ashley,

      Cruciferous vegetables can inhibit thyroid function due to the presence of goitrogens which inhibit uptake of iodine by the thyroid. Iodine is crucial for proper functioning of the thyroid and hence the appropriate production of thyroid hormones. However, they aren’t really an issue if your thyroid is functioning well and if you have enough iodine in your diet! If you think you might have an underactive thyroid, try to reduce your intake of goitrogen-containing foods (which also include soy, sweet potatoes, peaches, strawberries, spinach, pine nuts, peanuts and millet) but don’t be afraid of them, especially if you don’thave any thyroid concerns. Also, cooking these foods inactivates a good portion of the gointrogens, so enjoy them that way if you’re worried :)

      • Thank you so so much!!!! I have a family history of under active thyroid function…it still is quite astonishing how cruciferous vegetables can affect the thyroid for those whose thyroid are under active…. Thnx for letting me know:)

  8. Yo Gabby!

    Wicked blog! Your recipes are very unique and I love how you are incorporating your personal journey towards better health with them. Wishing you a long, healthy life!

    From a fellow vegan,


  9. Hoal. thank you for share all the recipes on VEGGIENOOK, i try to see the recipe ” Cashew Chipotle Dip” but i cant. I try diferents ways, but nothing, i s posible you can email me directly to my email adress? I will be really thaksful if i can gel the recipe. Thaks a Lot and
    GOD bless always. Sincerily Nancy Leon.

  10. Hey! I checked out your blog last Sunday, and now that it is Saturday, I have been eating vegan for the first time in my life!! Love your awesome recipes…right now my Strawberry “ice cream cake” is on my fridge calling my name!!

  11. Hi,

    Just came across your blog and have to say i LOVE it so much! I’ve recently become vegan from vegetarian (ethical, animal based reasons along with ibs!) and am finding meal idea/snack ideas hard. I maintain on a relatively high amount of calories so without dairy i’m finding it hard to get the protein calories in! Any tips?

    Thank you for any help!

    • Hi Sophie! 

      Thanks so much for reading and yourkind words :) 

      In terms of getting protein and calories in, I would definitely recommend lots of legumes and some soy here and there, especially edamame and tempeh- both are extremely healthful and high in protein. Use bean dips for snack or try having nuts with fruit instead of just fruit alone. I would also try incorporating smoothies with a protein powder if you don’t already, either for breakfasts or snacks. Smoothies are a great way to pack in some calories too- try adding avocado, nut butters or coconut oil- they will taste decdent and give you tons of protein and healthy fats! If you need recommendations for protein powders or anything else please let me know!

      • Thank you so much for all the great info :) What do you find is your favourite filling meal/food? There's that whole 'animal protein' is more filling tha vegetable thing – i think i just need to find my super filling vegan food! Also what is your favourite protein powder? I bought one recently but it is super grainy! 


        Thank you :)

        • You’re so welcome!

          I think my favourite filling food would be a bked sweet potato topped with almond butter on one half, salsa or hummus on the other with a green salad. Even though there’s no “protein source” included it’s so fulling and comforting! If not that, I love me some split pea soup or a tempeh stir fry with brown rice. 

          For protein powders- my favourites include Sunwarrior and the Garden of Life RAW Protein. I find they blend in nicely! Vega is another good option- it is more like a supplement though with loads of vitamins, minerals included with greens and maca. It also has a stronger taste I find than the other 2. Depends on what you’re looking for!

  12. Hei lovely veggienook!i love your recipes and positive outlook and energy that you share in your blog ! Im vegan but trying to convert to raw food living and i recently found out about kelp noodles,and looked for recipes with these noodles in your blog and didnt find just wanted to let you know,and perhaps give an idea for a new recipe including healthy kelp noodles ;) im sure you will come up with smth super creative and good!;)
    Much love xxx

    • Hi there!

      Wow thank you so much, that’s so sweet of you to say!

      I haven’t cooked(?) with kelp noodles too much, but I really love them and enjoy using them, so I will definitely try and come up with a recipe for them. Any flavours you particularly like? I’ll do my best to have one soon! Good luck with your conversion to raw!

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