oatmeal raisin cookie dough pancakes for one

oatmeal raisin cookie pancakes16

wow guys, over a week since my last post…oops, totally didn’t mean for that to happen! but life just got so completely wonderful in the last few days, I simply had no time to blog. 

in the last week I spent tons of time walking around enjoying the semi-good weather, seeing blogger friends, attending the yoga conference (and buying a new yoga mat, YAY), reading about herbal medicine, studying for and writing an herbal medicine mid-term (ok that part wasn’t so nice), eating delicious food, having one of my very best friends visit me, rediscovering my love for yoga and just in general, living. and it has been wonderful.

so wonderful in fact, I hope you’ll forgive that today I’m not even writing a full post here. but don’t worry- you’re still getting a pretty delicious recipe out of it. 

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rawsome vegan baking book review and ice cream sandwiches

disclaimer: i received this book free of charge, but i was in no way obligated to write a positive review. all opinions are 100% my own.


i hope you guys like reading, because i have another "cookbook" to share with you all!

it's been quite the month of vegan cookbook releases this month! from angela at oh she glows, to brendan brazier's thrive energy cookbook and yesterday's vibrant life cleanse. emily von euw is another, with her rawsome vegan baking.

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vibrant life cleanse program and cookbook launch and review

before i get into today’s post, i just want to announce the winner of my little life box giveaway! congrats to….

a Rafflecopter giveaway

sarina, i will email you soon with details!

now today i have another review for you and guys, believe me when i say, this is an ebook that you definitely want to have. i was lucky enough to get an advance copy of the book and upon first open i was hooked! 

vibrant life ebook

i’m sure most of you know Leanne Vogel of Healthful Pursuit. if you haven’t, climb out from under that rock you’ve been living under, and check her out. she’s seriously awesome. she is a holistic nutritionist with an approach i have long since admired. and since i myself am now a holistic nutritionist, i have even more respect for her. there’s a lot of pressure in this field to be the perfect health role model (and hence always eat perfectly and always be perfectly healthy! exhausting just thinking about it). leanne lives life according to what works for her, refusing to subscribe to a particular label, admits she's not perfect and indulges on occasion (like anyone should!). basically, she’s one of my professional crushes and mentors.

and now she’s released another ebook: Vibrant Life Cleanse Program and Cookbook. just in time for spring! i don’t know about you all but i sure could use a bit of a reset on my system after this long winter we just had!

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ranch hummus

ranch hummus - the veggie nook #vegan #glutenfree

a few weeks back, my coworkers and i threw our bosses a wedding shower because they’re pretty much the most amazing bosses ever. and since i work with foodies. nutritionists, a culinary school grad and health nuts, the spread was amazing

gluten-free mocha cupcakes, rice paper wraps with peanut sauce, fresh fruit and veggies, roasted chickpeas in multiple flavours, punch, bruschetta, mini pitas, gluten-free crackers and this hummus.

i volunteered to make the hummus and i wasn’t in the mood to make the traditional fare. and since i know most of my coworkers eat hummus on a fairly regular basis, i figured they would appreciate a bit of a mix-up as well.

then somehow, this happened. and it was a very very fortunate occurrence.

this hummus tastes just like cool ranch doritos. the best kind of doritos. or kind of like you mixed half ranch dressing and half hummus. either way you put it, this hummus is the bomb. in fact, it’s so good that when you taste it, you miiiight just start dancing around your kitchen to this song while you eat spoonfuls of this straight from the food processor wondering what magical forces came together to allow this hummus to be made. i sure did. 

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roasted cabbage and apples with tamari almonds

roasted cabbage and apple with tamari almonds #vegan #glutenfree #paleo

as i told you guys, i’ve been having a love affair with apples for the last few months. in the spirit of making way for some spring produce on the blog (because i really really hope it’s coming soon…) i’m sharing another delicious apple recipe with you all, but this one is for dinner! this is also a recipe within a recipe, because tamari almonds, while taking this dish to the next level, are a wonderful snack on their own. 

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