strawberry banana green tea smoothie

Isn’t it strange how you can be wandering through life, totally secure with who you are and where you’re at, then in a single moment it can all come crashing down? Suddenly you are not who you thought you are and the things that you thought, aren’t true. How is it that the world can shift so suddenly and completely?

strawberry banana green tea smoothie #vegan #glutenfree #paleo

Spring has sprung and that means more smoothies. I am such a fan of this blended meal, but in the winter I just can’t stomach the cold, rawness of them. But I’ve missed their convenience, fruity creaminess and all the different superfoods and flavours you can toss in.

So when I was asked to try out Kiss Me Organics matcha, I knew exactly what I wanted to make with it. Smoothies, smoothie and more smoothies. I was pleasantly surprised by this matcha- usually the less expensive ones are bitter and lack the real green tea flavour I love. I can’t say this was the best matcha I ever had. But was it a killer balance of quality and price? Hells yes. My friends, if you are looking for a matcha that is readily available online (on Amazon, in Canada too!) and won’t cost you an arm and a leg, I’ve solved all your problems. Continue reading

detox salad


I’m sure you all know this, but this winter was ROUGH. Long, harsh and cold. I honestly never thought we’d see spring weather let alone the patio appropriate weather we’ve had lately! It’s truly a relief to be walking outside and be too warm!

Long, cold winters usually result in the eating of a lot of comfort food. And maybe a little less exercise. If this sounds like you, it’s nothing to beat yourself up over! We are conditioned to crave heavier foods and conserve energy in those circumstances.

That being said, once the warmer weather comes along, I really like to lighten up a bit. Eat lighter and feel lighter! A detox this time of year is a wonderful thing to do. The temperatures are warm which is extremely helpful. Have you ever tried to do a detox in winter? Talk about shivering x 1208348. Spring is also a time of new beginnings and detoxing to release toxins built up in the winter will ensure you start off this season on the right foot! Continue reading

oatmeal brûlée

oatmeal brulee #vegan #glutenfree #sugarfree

So remember that time I decided to host a giveaway for tea and then went more than 2 weeks without announcing the winner? Well my deepest apologies for that! The winner is….

 Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 4.15.18 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-11 at 4.14.57 PM

Hannah! Yay, so excited for you and I will be emailing you shortly to arrange delivery of your prize!

Now onto today’s post. It’s been a little bit since I shared a breakfast recipe, which is pretty crazy since breakfast is probably my favourite meal of the day. I look forward to it starting right from the moment I finish eating my current breakfast and start imagining what I’ll have tomorrow. Sometimes I can’t wait that long and breakfast for lunch happens. Oh well, when you make sure your breakfast are healthy, there’s really no problem with that! This breakfast started as an experiment that I really wasn’t sure was going to work. I had been looking up ideas for a granola bar when I came across one with a crunchy but sweet seedy topping. It looked delicious, but frankly, I didn’t want to wait to make granola bars to enjoy it. I wanted it right then, right now.  I am clearly a child of the modern age who has no patience. I got to thinking what would happen if I made my usual breakfast oatmeal, sprinkled, seeds on top, then put it in the oven? Turns out, magic. Magic would happen.

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lemon poppyseed truffles for a very special baby shower


Today is a very special post. You see, the lovely and wonderful Ella of Pure Ella is having a baby (and very soon!). Since we can’t all be physically together but we wanted to celebrate this wonderful occasion, myself and other bloggers have decided to come together and throw her a virtual baby shower!

If you don’t know Ella, well shame on you, head over to her blog right this second! The recipes are delicious, simple, accessible and gorgeously photographed. Ella is also one of the kindest most beautiful souls you will ever come across. Is it any wonder we had to celebrate her?

lemon poppyseed truffles #vegan #glutenfree #paleo

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ethical and sustainable gifts from uncommon goods

Living a healthy and holistic lifestyle is more than just changing your food. There are a host of other lifestyle factors to consider and it has always been my intention to discuss these aspects more. Since food is my passion, that’s what I tend to focus on, but I hope you’ll appreciate something a little different today.

When I decided to change my diet and my lifestyle, it was a decision based on compassion: compassion for myself, for others and for animals and the environment. This includes supporting small businesses and those with the aim of making the world a better place when possible. This is why I was so excited upon discovering Uncommon Goods.


Based out of the US, Uncommon Goods is a retailer that aims to feature unique designs and handcrafted gifts from artists who create their products in harmony with the environment and without harm to animals or people. Most of what they sell is made by hand, much of it in North America and about 1/3 of the entire collection is made of recycle or up cycled materials. The convenience of having all of these products already curated and researched for me is pretty fantastic! They are also a founding member of B-Corp which is a group of corporations that use business to better enivronmental and social problems AND they support non-profits like RAINN, American Forests and Women for Women International.

Is it possible to have a crush on a website? Because guys, I think I do.

Just look how pretty this necklace is guys. It’s called the Reach for the Moon Charm necklace, which is part of their jewellery collection that you can check out here.


The necklace spoke to me as soon as I saw it. Not only is it gorgeous, but the meaning- wow. A crescent moon for aiming high, a blue moonstone for happiness, blue topaz for joy and health and polite to open the mind. Doesn’t this sound like just the perfect gift for someone who is undergoing change and needs a little reminder that they are capable of achieving the best?

I loved getting to learn about how the artist makes it, where she came from from and what they stand for. The meanings are beautiful and I love that they incorporate healing gems and symbols. I also appreciated the transparency. The origin of every material in the necklace is laid out plain, not simply where it was made.


I actually cannot wait to shower my friends and family with gifts from them (like pretty much everything on this page).

In case you guys don’t have a gift for the upcoming holiday yet (because pssst- Mother’s Day is this weekend guys, get on that!) why not try something that is both meaningful and comes from an artist and company you can feel proud to support?

And to all of my Canadian friends! The shipping rates they offer us up north are pretty fair and duties are calculate upfront so no surprises. Because those surprises are never pleasant right??

I received this necklace in exchange for a review, but was in no way obligated to post a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I would never recommend something I didn’t believe in.