recipes posted here often gluten-free and always healthy, even if sometimes indulgent :) check individual posts for discussion on ingredients and nutritional benefits. legend: gf= gluten-free, nb= no bake, r= raw, p= paleo, v= vegan


pancakes, french toast, etc.

cereal and porridge









main dishes

sandwiches and wraps

burgers and patties

pasta and pizza

stovetop dishes and bowls

soups and stews

starters and sides

sauces, spreads and dips




baked goods



cakes and pies


bars, squares and tarts

pudding, mousse and ice creams



Or…. head over to my Recipage for a searchable database of all my recipes!

7 thoughts on “Recipes

  1. Hi gabby :) i just loved your website, my new recipe’s source! anyways , I was wondering if you would have an almond milk recipe? Because I noticed that you used an homemade almond milk in some of your recipes and I have no clue how to make it (and I can’t buy it either because we don’t have this type of milk in my country :P) Thank you and congrats for the marvelous website!

    • Thank you Camilla! I don’t have my own recipe posted at the moment, but I do have a hazelnut milk recipe! Just follow the method with almonds and take out the spices and sweetener. You can always add some sweetener to yours to taste after :)

  2. Thank you! Seriously, THANK YOU! I have been dairy-free for a little under a year, and was just this week told to cut out gluten and eat raw, rather than cooked, vegetables for the enzymes. In other words, I’ve been staring out the window asking myself, “Is it raw carrots and peanuts every day for the rest of my life?” (only a mild over-exaggeration).
    My point is, I am soooo excited to begin trying these recipes! You have saved my taste-buds and quite possibly my sanity. :)

    God bless!

  3. somehow came across your guest blog of your almond and medjool date chocolate things for easter. Wow! They look amazing…..
    Thanks for such an inspiring blog. I’ll enjoy following you
    Janet :)

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