millet porridge with apple date puree

millet porridge with ginger apple date puree #vegan #glutenfree

i go through serious phases with foods and flavours. last summer, i swear for 2 solid months i ate only asian inspired foods and beverages- china town became my hangout spot. but in the fall/winter i phased out of that because i live just far enough from china town that i wasn’t going to brave the cold everyday for my fix.

that phase became replaced by apples. and it’s been going strong ever since. heavily enabled by my weekly produce delivery which included apples every time, they became incorporated into breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert. soon we will have access to tons of delicious in season fruit for a fair price (like berries) so i want to share my apple recipes with you before that time. because while me and apples have had a good go, i’m about ready to welcome in some variety. 

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double chocolate blueberry pancakes with blueberry sauce

double chocolate blueberry pancakes

i should of had this recipe posted before yesterday. it was pancake tuesday and all, and i think you all will really like this one if you make it.

i meant to post this, i really did.

but you see, something important came up. something important that required all of my attention and time. something that simply couldn’t wait.

i have priorities.

want to guess what this urgent item was?

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valentine’s double chocolate and goji granola


i’ve never been one for making a big show of valentine’s day, but i do think it’s an amazing opportunity to show everyone in your life how much they mean to you. not just significant others, but all friends and family. why should we restrict valentine’s day gifts and treats to one special person? aren’t all of our loved ones special?

in keeping with one of my resolutions this year, i want to celebrate each holiday with a breakfast. a nice little way to begin the day, even if the rest of the holiday follows the normal schedule. we can all use a little break from routine and what better way to do this that by making my favourite part of the day, the morning, just a little more special?

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zucchini bread oatmeal


i was planning on sharing a different recipe here today, but i got a few requests for this one and i aim to please! can’t say i blame you all for wanting this one though. just imagining the smell that wafted through my apartment as i made this is making me want to make it again! but as i type this, it’s dinner time and i’m going to be an adult and have a real dinner ;)

this recipe came about by accident. i was craving a baked good pretty badly, but it was early and i had to leave my house in an hour. so that wasn’t happening. i’ve also been reading a lot about macrobiotics recently and getting really into it. and if you know anything about the energetics of food, you know that we should aim to achieve a balance between yin and yang foods- yin foods being cool, dark and moist and expansive while yang foods are warm, dry, light and contractive. i won’t get too into it, but basically any cooking method that increases the moisture content of a food is more yin and one that decreases the moisture content of a food is more yang. And since grains are a slightly yang food, yin cooking methods are much more balanced. therefore, making porridge = balanced, baking = more yang. did i lose you guys yet? sorry if i did, but all you really need to know is that in macrobiotics while baking is certainly allowed and done, cooking a porridge is much more advisable for regular consumption.

you can start calling me a hippie at any time now.

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hemp seed porridge (with ncn hemp seeds)


i’ve been sitting on this recipe for quite a while, and for that, i sincerely apologize. i’m not even sure what i was waiting for- the pictures have been taken and edited for a couple months at least! maybe i was being selfish, maybe lazy, or maybe it’s just that this seemed almost too simple to share.

but i’m realizing that sometimes it is the simplest recipes that people appreciate the most. sure the occasional complicated and fancy recipe is wanted to impress that special someone or for an evening where we actually have time to carefully plan and execute a recipe. but i have a feeling most of you out there generally make food that is quick and easy. because we are all pressed for time, for better or for worse. and because we are all constantly on the go, it becomes so easy to eat the same thing day in, day out. so here i am to hopefully give you guys another breakfast option that is just as fast as your morning oatmeal.

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