no-bake chocolate cream pie

no-bake chocolate cream pie #vegan #glutenfree #paleo

i couldn’t get this pie out of my head for days. it was pie day (march 14) and the blogosphere was overflowing with various pie recipes. i am not one to usually make pie, but i got it into my head that i needed to make a pie asap. and not some standard apple. no i wanted a decadent chocolate cream pie. no-bake because i couldn’t be bothered to make a pie crust. this cream pie would be creamy, rich and would put all other pies to shame.

the only reason i didn’t make this sooner was because i was afraid of how good it would be. if such a thing existed in the world, would i ever be able to stop eating it? or would my taste buds compel my fork to move bite after bite of chocolate heaven into my mouth until the whole pie was gone? 

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raw thin mint green tea ice cream cake

thin mint green tea ice cream cake #raw #paleo #vegan

ice cream cake was always my birthday cake of choice when i was younger. specifically dairy queen ice cream cakes with the vanilla and chocolate layers and in between those there was this fudge cookie layer that was heaven. and even though i hated most icings (at most birthdays i would eat around the sickly sweet, rock hard icings, unlike every other kid who loved it), the icing on those cakes was delicious. i got one for all of my birthdays and it was basically my favourite thing about having a birthday party. 

so with st. patrick’s day coming up, i felt it was finally time to revamp this old favourite into a new healthy treat.

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chocolate rum (or raspberry) truffles

before i get into today's post, i want to announce the winner of the alter eco giveaway! congratulations chicha warnick! i will email you soon with details :)

chocolate rum (or raspberry) truffles 4


just had to squeeze in one more valentine's recipe. and i want you to ignore the fact that these are covered in christmas-coloured sprinkles. yes, i made these for christmas. BUT they are just so perfect for valentine's day too. so you will all ignore the green sprinkles and just pretend they are red right? ok good :)

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raw peppermint oreos for a christmas vegan cookie swap!

it doesn’t get much better that being given an excuse to consume more desserts and sweets than normal and this is one of the best parts of the holiday season. baking galore, taste-testing those handmade gifts, potlucks and more-often-than-usual “treating myself” at cafes and restaurants.

in order to make sure i don’t go completely off the back end and abandon the healthy lifestyle i love so much, i try to make sure at least some of these goodies are handmade by me! even better? when a lovely, thoughtful and brilliant blogger brings 25 bloggers together to share 25 cookie recipes that completely fit the bill. 

i am honoured to be participating for the second year in kristy’s vegan cookie swap party. this year i offer up raw peppermint oreos!


and don't forget to check out last year's contribution: these delicious nutmeg logs

head on over to keepin’ it kind now to get the recipe and check out all the other delicious cookies!