warm roasted fennel, brussels sprout and farro salad (with optional arame) {v}

warm fennel, brussels sprout and farro salad

5 years ago, this salad never would have been found in my kitchen. I mean let’s just look at the main ingredients:


Brussels sprouts



rice vinegar

barley miso

20 year old me would have been all, “Ummm what is this foreign language you are speaking?”

warm fennel, brussels sprout and farro salad

Pre-vegetarian and vegan me was the most unadventurous cook in the world. I literally rotated through 3 dinners pretty much every night: chicken stir fry, spaghetti with bolognese sauce and pan fried salmon. Lunches were turkey sandwiches. Breakfast was probably a bagel or some kind oatmeal packet. Dessert- Fudgeos.

How boring does that sound? Continue reading

{review & giveaway} 100 best juices, smoothies and healthy snacks


Today I have the wonderful opportunity of sharing with you an awesome cookbook from a very special blogger Emily von Euw from This Rawsome Vegan Life. I’m sure you all know her, but in case you don’t, Emily is a wonderful vegan, high raw blogger who posts the most stunning pictures of simple, but delicious food. Her desserts are crave worthy and if you haven’t checked out her book Rawsome Vegan Baking (which I reviewed here), you are missing out on a gorgeous book both in recipes and in photos. Now she’s come out with a new book all about juices, smoothies and healthy snacks. This book is just as good as the last!

spicy avocado aviator3

It’s packed full of crave-worthy drinks and bites that are easy to make, with accessible ingredients. This is a book everyone can “cook” from. And what I love most about Emily’s recipes are that each of the ingredients shines through. If there are pecans in her recipe, you can TASTE pecans. No blending of ingredients and nothing getting lost. She truly brings out the best of every food!

When choosing a recipe to share with you, I decided to go against my usual sweet instincts and go with a savoury smoothie. This is not something I have ever made before, but damn was this one tasty.

spicy avocado aviator4

The Spicy Avocado Aviator blends together avocado, cucumber, unsweetened coconut yogurt and chilli powder so you get a smooth, creamy and insanely satisfying smoothie. Even better, Emily suggests adding mango to it. I tried mango and pineapple and these make it incredible. You must try this spin on a sweet and savoury smoothie, it will blow you away.

{review & giveaway} 100 best juices, smoothies and healthy snacks
smooth, creamy and a little kick!
  • 1 avocado
  • ½ cucumber (you can leave the skin on if it’s organic)
  • 1 tsp lime juice
  • 1 cup (245 g) coconut yogurt
  • 1 garlic clove
  • ½ tsp Himalayan salt
  • ½ tsp chili powder, to taste
  1. Blend everything until smooth, adding the spice as desired! This is really tasty
  2. when you add chunks of mango.

Now I bet you all want a copy for yourselves! Have no fear, I have been given the lovely privilege of giving one away to you all. Scroll down to the bottom of the post to enter! OR if you can’t wait, click to buy 100 Best Juices, Smoothies and Healthy Snacks right away.

Here are some other delicious recipes you can expect in this book…


Kale Craver juice


Blueberrylicious Smoothie


The Power Bar


Dare to Date Squares

Now for the giveaway! This giveaway is open only to readers in Canada and U.S. (sorry everyone else!). Leave a comment below- tell me if you’ve every had a savoury smoothie (and share the recipe)! Follow me on Twitter or Instagram for extra entries and leave a separate comment for each telling me you did!

I was given this book free of charge, but was in no way obligated to post a positive review. All opinions are completely my own. 

date-sweetened brownies {v, gf}

date sweetened brownies (v, gf)

Happy Wednesday!

Firstly, I just want to say a huge thank you to all of you incredibly supportive people out there regarding my last post. I was truly touched by all the kind words. Some of the negative ones got a little personal so having so much positivity out there to counter it was amazing. To those of you still here and still reading, you are awesome. I am so looking forward to 2015- I feel lighter, more hopeful and inspired.

In that post I said I would continue to bring you all vegan recipes and today I am living up to that promise! You’ll notice that in the title of this post, I added a “v” to signify this is a vegan recipe. I will continue to do this in the future so you can all easily identify plant-based recipes I am posting. These recipes are still a priority for me and I will, to the best of my ability, ensure most of my recipes are vegan or have vegan options. I stand-by what I said, that no matter what diet ultimately works for you, eating plant-based as much as possible is the best thing we can all do for each other, animals and the planet.

So today, I bring you brownies- I hope that not too many of you are on intense New Years cleanses. Although, the nice thing about these are is that they might just fit in with your cleanse/detox/clean diet/whatever you are calling it because they are gluten-free, vegan and sweetened entirely with dates! Continue reading

healthy fun dip {rhubarb + coconut sugar}

rhubarb + coconut sugar Fun Dip

Remember those Fun Dip candies they used to have (or still have for all I know). If came with a candy stick that you licked and then dipped into candy powder? It was definitely one of my favourite candies but I now cringe at the fact that it was basically sugar on top of sugar. With artificial colours and flavours to round it all out!

This post isn’t a recipe, more of a fun idea that I’m sure most of you have done at some point in your life. But I had completely forgotten about it until the rhubarb made an appearance at the market a few weeks ago. So just in case you have all forgotten about it too or have never tried it before, I thought I’d post it here. If you’ve never tried it, I demand you go buy rhubarb before it goes out of season and do it. Continue reading

pizza quinoa


Hello all! Yes I’m back and I do apologize for taking an unannounced vacation from blogging. I was just having a little crisis of spirit coupled with looking for another job AND wanting to spend every second outside because it’s so nice out. All of those conditions are not conducive to blogging. Taking a step back from this aspect of my life though helped me sort through all my weird thoughts and find solutions in the real world so it was well worth the break! But what do I know? Maybe none of you even noticed! If that is the case let’s forget I said any of this and get onto today’s post.

Lately, my food has been simple. Eating simple foods is something I have started to do because 1- it’s easier on digestion, 2- it’s fast and easy and 3- it allows you to really taste the food you’re eating instead of masking it with other flavours. And since I’m no great culinary genius, simple food has a much greater chance of tasting good than trying to get complicated.  Continue reading